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Education System – An Overview

Education System – An Overview

Education system refers to the way a person’s education is initiated and pursued. It may involve formal education or informal education depending on the system followed. Education system is incomplete without imparting theoretical knowledge to children. In the past, parents used to send children to school for a fixed duration so that they could gain knowledge about the outside world. However, with the advent of modernity, parents now send their children for education at home so that they are exposed to a variety of learning experiences.

Education system in the country varies from one state to another. It also varies from one region to another. A number of states have tie-ups with educational institutes from other states. The tie-ups provide local teachers with the latest technology and new ways of teaching. However, most of the teachers still manage to learn and utilize their learning experiences through the traditional form of education system. Some other education systems implement lessons through manuals or any practical methods.

Every educational system has a particular approach towards the manner in which it teaches and trains students. However, at a personal level, there are some common aspects that all education systems share. Most education systems start from nursery up to high school. At this stage, students may be enrolled in classes either individually or in group class. Group class helps a number of students identify with others and also learns how to work together. In this way, students may begin to acquire the basic skills like cooperative learning or problem solving.

An alternative form of education system is the compulsory education system. Compulsory education is a system in which all students are forced to attend classes either individually or in group. In certain cases, parents may also opt for this form of education so that they can teach their child in their own way. Usually, students are educated through this system when they reach the age of sixteen years. However, compulsory education usually stops after the completion of the secondary school.

A major part of the educational system is comprised of professional teachers or professionals in the teaching field. These teachers are professionally certified and have the training required for teaching. Some of the best educational institutes are staffed with experienced and qualified teachers. These teachers are employed by private companies and various government agencies. The National Association of School Psychologists accredits most of the education institutes.

Apart from the formal classroom education system, there are many other forms of education system that impart skills like technical training. This form of education system requires a student to obtain formal training before he can start learning. Most of the technical institutes offer online technical training programs. Students who are interested in earning technical skills can complete their graduation from any of the education institutes that offer online programs.