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Lightning Hockey Team

Lightning Hockey Team

Lightning hockey is a fast paced and exciting sport that has managed to capture the attention of many. The Lightning have won the Stanley Cup three times and have some of the most exciting players in the league. Tampa Bay is named after a lightning strike in Tampa Bay, Florida, where the team plays their home games. Being the home of the Lightning, it is not an accident that the team wears lightning bolts on their uniforms. The lightning bolt symbolizes the fight and fierce spirit the team has.

Lightning hockey is a game played between two teams on an ordinary ice surface. The game is played on a hard plastic or wooden ice. Most Lightning hockey games last for about three hours. However, because of the nature of the game, overtime is often played. Each team will take turns playing until there is one team left on the ice with the lead. Overtime is usually played until the teams are level, with the winner being the team with the most goals scored.

Injuries are very uncommon in this game as both players and coaches wear protective equipment. The Lightning make use of a special foam skate that is less bouncy than regular skates. Because of this, players are more protected on the ice from body part injuries and slips.

There are seven defensemen for each player on every Tampa Bay Lightning game. The club also uses two freshmen, three minors, and three goalies. Due to the nature of the position play, only certain players are used on the ice at any given time. The goalies must be capable of making saves on a constant basis or the Lightning will not be successful. In addition, the Lighting is known to put forth the most tireless effort when their opponent is close to winning the game.

The Lightning play at home on the Pepsi Center in downtown Miami, Florida. The arena is named for the Lightning’s primary owner, Vincent L. Lightning. This arena is one of the better arenas in the country for both hockey and basketball. In addition to playing home games, the Lightning are also affiliated with the NHL and share an arrangement with the rival Montreal Canadiens. The Lightning also have an affiliate with the Columbus Blue Jackets of the American Hockey League.

In addition to playing games, the Lighting has taken part in a number of charity events and serves as a deacon for a local church. Each game the team plays will bring in several hungry and willing children. In the past, the players have sold food and tickets for free to the players and guests of the team. Another way that the Lightning have helped out is by holding a variety of youth leagues. Each weekend the team hosts a game in a local recreation center.

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